Wednesday, December 1, 2010

P90X Day 3

Goooood Mornin' San Diego!  I am diggin' the P90X Lean Workout. The first day was Plyometrics which is all core workout. It was intense and I had to slow down at the end of almost every exercise. You will definitely want your water close because you work up a sweat pretty fast.  This is NOT the Tony Horton of Buns of Steel... my error on that. This guy is great though. I expected it to be all serious, but he is FUNNY! He has a really nice way of keeping you engaged and motivated through out each DVD.  He only has three other people working out with him, and at least one is female. I was BEAT after the Plyometrics workout and felt sore the next day, but in that really good way. I have an injured rotator cuff so I was very aware of going slowly with upper body movements, and I was so happy that after the workout my shoulder has felt BETTER than before.

The second day on the Lean program is the Cardio DVD.  It started with a good yoga warm-up that quickly got my heart rate up. Then alot of the workout was Taebo/fighting moves or sports moves which took me a while to get into because they are not moves that I am familiar with. I found that if I stopped and watched the move a couple of times I could copy it fairly easily, but I was still a bit awkward. Again I was careful with shoulder moves and did no damage to my rotator cuff.

I have not got on board with their exact diet since we still have holiday food around. I am making healthy options though for me and the family... orange chicken with green beans and brown rice. And, okay, I did have a little slice of the pecan pie that my sister made for me (it tastes JUST like my grandmother's, so I could not resist).

I am not sore today; drinking lots of water, and taking my Mitrochondrial Renewal Kit vitamins from Xymogene.  I feel really energized and am looking forward to today's workout!!

I hope you all have a Happy Healthy Day.

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